Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Monday October the 16 2017 Pt England school had an Immersion assembly, All teams performed an Item for us kids but not only to entertain us but to get our head into school. Mr Burt and is other few helpers performed an opening song to the Immersion assembly called Musicale Madness.

Today our other few staff members performed an Item. Team 2 performed Lions sleep tonight one by one the teachers came in playing an instrument and they showed that they can play the Lions sleep tonight with any kind of instrument they explained to the whole entire school that they are gonna be doing story telling through music.
My 2nd favourite witch was team 5 Music in movies the meaning of that is that music can effect you while your watching that movie. Mr Wisemen and his family were watching the Loin king they had back round music to the movie to show how the music can effect you.

My favourite one witch was team 3 Story telling through music. All team 3 teaches sang a song that will fit in with the story, they were asking each others what there gonna do in a different way someone would ask someone, in stead of talking they were singing to each other.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pt England School Floundering

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September 27th 2017 Pt England School went for a little walk down to Point England Beach to support the Floundering team. The Flounder teams goal is to catch 5 Flounders because the high school is 4 so we are looking to set a record for our school Pt England. Pt England school was singing there waiata Whakataka te hau to show support to the Flounder team..... Our Floundering team caught over 20 baby Flounders at Pt England Beach.

Monday, 3 April 2017


This term Tapawha sat down and talked about our strengths & weakness I found out that my strength is Basic Facts and my weakness was Place value. I only got up to stage 4 (Year 4) I was so shocked of how low my scores were for Place value. The red cycle is where I was for the start of the term and the green cycle is where I wanna get. I hope to do better today when I sit it again wish me luck. 
Here goes  

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Language Features

Good Morning Bloggers, This week i had been focusing on my 2 text called A Serious
 game and The Whale Child. This is a Presentation with the questions and Answers.
I have also done the Languages. Feel free to Comment on my blog. Thank You